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Current Projects

Natural Gas Extension- Loop Road and Loch Haven Subdivision

RWSG gas crew has recently completed the extension of gas service in the area of Loop Road and Loch Haven Subdivision. This project consisted of ___ LF of gas main. The project will serve approximately __ new customers. Gas taps will be available for customers during the months of October and November 2015.

Sewer System relocation- 15” line

The system currently has a sewer line located under several building and construction debris. We are proceeding with survey, design and acquisition to relocate this section of the collection system.

Demolition of trickling filters at Wastewater Treatment

This technology is obsolete with our new plant upgrade completed in 2014. The cost of demolition was removed from the upgrade construction contract to save money. RWSG has worked with in house labor to demolish and remove the old structures. Completion is anticipated by January 2016.

Filter Maintenance at Water Treatment Plant

RWSG will be contracting for the cleaning and replacement of the filters within the plant. Preliminary work to determine the course of action has been completed. Request for Proposals will be advertised and the work will be awarded to a contractor by the end of the year. Completion of the work is anticipated by March 2016.

SCADA system installation within distribution and collection system

RWSG will be implementing the installation of SCADA technology at our wastewater pump stations and water distribution pump stations. The installation will be completed over a two year period due to budget constraints. This will reduce costs, allow faster response, and reduce outages for our customers.

Mapping of facilities and development of a GIS system

RWSG is working closely with consultants to accurately map all of our facilities. This information will save time and money for ratepayers due to increased efficiency and response in emergency. It will also be utilized to determine necessary maintenance and upgrades within the system.

Upgrade of accounting, billing and work order software

RWSG has contracted with CUSI to replace our existing software. This will provide easier information to employees, simpler processes for our billing, and increased information for customers. Anticipated date of implementation is early 2016.